Horia Calborean

I publicly defended my PhD Thesis Multi-Objective Optimization of Advanced Computer Architectures using Domain-Knowledge , PhD supervisor Professor Lucian Vintan, on 25 of November 2011. My evaluation committee consisted of: Prof. Nicolae Tapus, Prof. Valentin Cristea and Prof. Mircea Popa. The evaluation of my thesis was: very good. The PhD thesis can be downloaded from here or from my Papers page.

Hello. My name is Horia Andrei Calborean. My research is focused on multi-objective automatic design space exploration of multi-core architectures. For this I developed FADSE (Framework for Automatic Design Space Exploration). A tool that allows a designer to easily explore the huge design space of a computer system.

FADSE allows the designer to help the search algorithms find faster, better results. The designer can input his knowledge inside FADSE in a human easy readable form.

ACAPS I am a member of the Advanced Computer Architecture & Processing Systems (ACAPS). Together with my colleagues, besides design space exploration, we focus on the application mapping problem on NoCs, value prediction for advanced computer architectures and other topics.

What can I find here?

This is my website. You will find here my CV, the papers I have published, some projects Iíve been working and some of my favourite links.

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